About Heritage Woodwright

Heritage Woodwright,LLC is a nationally recognized leader in the production, distribution and installation of fine wood products.

We specialize in:
• Architectural Millwork and Trim
• Custom Cabinetry
• Closets, Built-ins, Doors and Shelving
• Columns, Archways and Pediments
• Ceilings and Fireplace Mantles
• CNC Services

The Woodworking Network gives Heritage Woodwright very high marks for industry leadership and innovation. FDMC Magazine ranks Heritage Woodwright among the top five in sales and growth trends. And we are also a fully credentialed member of the American Woodworking Institute (AWI).

What makes Heritage Woodwright truly unique is that we employ old-school craftsmanship and proven design techniques to produce a one-of-a-kind look and style that surpasses all others in the industry. But we’ve also combined that with the latest in fully integrated technologies to ensure the highest levels of precision and efficiencies. This combination affords our customers the lowest total cost possible in the industry.

Our Mission

Heritage Woodwright is well positioned to handle the evolving trends and global challenges in the woodworking and architectural millwork trade. While we strive to remain agile and receptive to the changing needs of our customers and business partners, we remain committed to the belief that fine craftsmanship and exceptional service to our customers will never go out of style. We promise to design and build every project to custom specifications and to create a unique look for you to cherish as much as you enjoy using.

Our History

Upon completing his service in the United States Marine Corps, Robert E. (Robb) Parker started his small business in the trades with an emphasis on woodworking. He became a student of the trade by learning architectural standards and styles around the world. He became expert in wood species and how best to employ them in every project. One of his most significant early projects was the renovation and restoration of The Port Colden Manor in Washington Township, New Jersey.
Constructed in the early 1840s, the building was originally used as a finishing school for ladies called St. Matthew’s Hall. In 1850, it was converted to a hotel and stage coach stop called the Colden House.

Today Port Colden Manor houses office space and is on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Upon completion of the project, Heritage Woodwright was well on its way.

In 2005 Robb moved his family and business to the North Carolina Piedmont. Already considered a mecca for fine furniture and the wood working industry, Heritage Woodwright has become a valued treasure and industry leader.